Sunday, 10 February 2013

Top 10 Music Videos

Music videos have changed my life, that's a fact. But it takes a lot for a video to make me stand back and rethink life. Eminem's Like Toy Soldiers made me weep as a teenager, and The Darkness' Christmas Time (Don't Let The Bells End) made every single Christmas perfect, but what videos changed me?

1. 30 Seconds To Mars - From Yesterday
This will always be my No. 1 favourite video of ALL TIEM. I'm sure you've guessed why already. It's set in China, filmed in the Forbidden City in Beijing, and it's set around the time of Emperor Puyi, who I'm about to write a 5000 word essay on. Every aspect of this video is perfection - the costumes, the setting, the culture clashes, the flawless direction, everything.

2. My Chemical Romance - Welcome To The Black Parade
As an all-time fan of the Black Parade album, this shouldn't be a surprise entry. The idea of the Patient moving on to the world where the Black Parade come to collect the lost souls still astounds me. This song stole my heart as a teenager and I don't even want it back, it's in a better place with MCR.

3. The Used - I Caught Fire
The video that defined my teenage years, I Caught Fire brought me into a world where The Used existed, and it's a much better world than before. This song in itself gave me so much confidence as a teenager, and instantly raised my standards impossibly high for future relationships. The video showed me that Bert McCracken was my future husband, at whatever cost, I was going to marry him.
I'm still waiting for him.

4. Fall Out Boy - What A Catch, Donnie
First off, who's excited they're back together? I AM! I missed out on tickets for the London gig but in all honesty, I'm just glad they're back making the music I've loved since I was 11.
This video would be me if I had enough money for a boat. Just drifting between places, living with a seagull. Life couldn't get much better than that. This song morphs together all the greatest songs from their back catalogue and in turn creates possibly the greatest song they've ever made. What's great about Fall Out Boy is their immortality, this song brought other singers like Brendon Urie from Panic At The Disco and the great Elvis Costello to sing the top lines from songs such as Dance Dance. It's perfection.

5. Foxy Shazam - Unstoppable
Don't let the thumbnail put you off, it's only Eric Nally's backside. What a backside, I might add.
Along with the song, this video glues a smile on my face for the entire day. I'm so grateful I saw them perform this song live, because it's one of those songs I'll remember for years to come and it'll never, ever get boring.
The video defines Foxy Shazam as a band - breaking the mould. It speaks for itself. It's fantastic.

6. Queen - These Are The Days Of Our Lives
You might be wondering why I picked this over classics such as Bohemian Rhapsody and I Want To Break Free, but the truth is I find those videos come second to the ultimate emotion and beauty that is These Are The Days. While it breaks my heart to see Freddie Mercury at the end of his era, when he whispers 'I still love you', I instantly smile through it all and it's one of the very few videos that gives me perspective on life, how short it is, and how we have to live while we're here, because nobody knows when the pen's going to run out of ink drawing out our timeline.

7. Death Cab For Cutie - Title and Registration
Strangely enough, I'm the most squeamish girl in the world, yet I love this video of a paper open heart surgery procedure because of its emotional value. The direction of this video is amazing, and the paper organs are little works of art. This band are so criminally underrated, so if you've never heard of them, please, I implore you, give this video a watch.

8. Maroon 5 - Payphone
I used to have a recurring dream that I was running away from the police. Not that it's a sign of a guilty conscience or anything, I just have an irrational phobia of police authorities.
I fell in love with this video not only because Adam Levine's all geeky one minute then all hot and rogue-y the next, but because of the motif of escaping a monotonous life to find another. 
Of course, I couldn't forget the song. Easily becoming my favourite song, it reminds me of everything that I am. Escaping my life to find another.

9. Poets Of The Fall - Carnival Of Rust
I discovered this band in college and while I haven't heard many of their songs, this video absolutely changed my life. When I was writing my coursework, I took inspiration from this idea of a carnival of nightmares. The man in the fortune teller's box was a genius idea - what if the fortune teller is trapped inside that box forever, and all he can do is warn others that their fate could be similar?

Psy - Gangnam Style
And finally, the humorous entry. The novelty's worn off for most, but for me, it just keeps getting better and better. I was known in school for catching onto crazes such as Crazy Frog quite late and then consistently annoying the shit out of everyone by putting them on repeat years later. Gangnam is no exception. I'm still as much in love as the first time.

What are your top 10 music videos?

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  1. This is such a good post :D It's weird to think how music videos stay with you xxx

  2. Have to agree with quite a few of these! I adore 30stm and MCR's videos, amazing :)

    Elle xxx

  3. From Yesterday will always be one of my favourite videos of all time too. It's just so beautifully made.
    I'm going to check out some more Poets of the Fall tracks now, never heard them before and they sound brilliant!

    Katie || Oh To Feel Pretty


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