Monday, 30 September 2013

Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Mask - Review

Cupcake is regarded as a firm favourite Lush face mask among bloggers, so when I had three empty tubs to return to the store, I grabbed a tub and held onto it for dear life. I'd never tried a Lush mask before, but I'd heard this one works wonders on oily, teenage skin - that's my bag, baby.

The smell definitely doesn't scream out 'cupcake'. It screams 'sickly mint 100% cocoa dark chocolate'. And believe me, after you've used it, the smell does not go. It's not for me, the whole smelling like sour dark chocolate thing. I live in a house with people with noses like bloodhounds, so if I'm wearing any scented products, I'm swiftly notified of it, and then repeatedly notified at various intervals during the day.

The product certainly doesn't look like a cupcake either. Well, I won't say what it looks like, but you can judge for yourself. It really was a poo idea to make a brown face mask, wasn't it? There, I said it.

So what does Cupcake have in common with a cupcake? Very little. Tasty cocoa powder and vanilla are listed in the ingredients alongside rhassoul mud and sandalwood oil - so don't be tempted to eat it!

Lush don't use an ingredient that doesn't have a specific use - linseed to soften skin, fresh mint to tone it, cocoa butter to moisturise it and rhassoul mud to absorb grease. That being said, it only really felt like it softened my skin and absorbed about 1/4 of my teenage-esque oils. Not that I'm expecting it to work miracles, my face is Niagara Falls on a good day.

I haven't noticed much toning effect, but my redness, particularly around my nose, is pretty much there for life anyway. Straight after taking the mask off, my skin is as dry as the Gobi desert, but the next day it's right back to its ice rink slipperiness, if not more so.

As this was my first face mask from Lush, I didn't know what to expect, but my first shock was the lifespan - use within 3 weeks? I certainly couldn't use all this pot in 3 weeks, the smell is just too off-putting for me.

What's your favourite Lush mask?

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  1. I really like Mask of Magnaminty (you don't need to keep that one in the fridge either) but it is quite strong in the mint-scent department, so may not be for everyone. Cosmetic Warrior is brilliant for spots and grease, but it does have quite an unusual 'natural' smell as it contains garlic! I didn't like Cupcake at all personally and found it broke me out x x x

  2. Offcourse you have to use ii within three weeks - its a FRESH facemask! With fresh ingredients! :D Thats the point ;)

    I have tried quite alot of LUSHs fresh facemasks - some I hate, some i truly love! My favourites are Cosmetic Warrior (takes away some of the redness around my nose, thats we seem to have in common) and Brazened Honey (tingles and really feels like its pumping joy into my skin). Magnaminty is good to!
    If you are extremely oily id recommend the Enzymion facecream. I get oily during the summer days (winters here in sweden freezes the whole face up so then i dont have that problem haha!) & i tried this facevream this hot summer. PERFECT under the makeup.


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