Monday, 18 November 2013

Bands That Deserve More Attention #1 - Crown Jewel Defense

So many bands I listen to don't get the attention they deserve, either because they haven't managed to cross the Atlantic yet or they just haven't had enough publicity for my liking. After having enough of people not knowing who the band I'm listening to is, I decided it's about time I did my bit to help them spread the word, that these are bands I fully endorse in the hope that my readers would love them just as much as I do. I've put a number after this title because I'm sure I'll be making more of these posts to bring some of my favourite unknown bands to you.

First up is Crown Jewel Defense, a stadium metal band from California.

I first saw these guys a few years back when they supported The Darkness, and I was hooked from the moment they stepped up on stage. Of course, I always research support bands beforehand and I knew they were going to be killer, so I splashed some glitter on my face to show my support.

If you're a fan of stadium metal, glam rock, screaming electrics, supersonic vocals and energetic beats, you'll love CJD. Their inspired yet individual style is captivating, and their image will definitely stick in your mind - who else would've thought to slap on glitter instead of concealer?

If you have any unloved bandanas kicking around, kindly donate them to lead singer Taylor Hood, it seems like he's facing a shortage because they're all tied to his mic stand. Seriously, I've never seen such a well-loved mic.

The album Crown Jewel Defense contrasts the raw power behind Forgotten Life with the quirkiness of Mandy and the solemnity of Die Alone, and it all makes for a killer debut album, you'll be hard pressed to find a point where you're not singing along to the catchy lyrics. Metal Rain is an unusual but very welcome addition, it's definitely not the kind of metal we've heard before. Quite possibly my favourite track, Wasting Days would top the rock charts if CJD were as popular as they deserve to be. If you're not signing along to Alive Again within seconds, you'll find yourself humming it hours later.

The thing with Crown Jewel Defense's songs is the way Taylor's vocals imprint on your mind, yet there's no way anyone would dare to give him a run for his money on the karaoke machine; he hits notes I've never even heard a girl hit before.

Their uniqueness is hard to describe in words - imagine a plateful of Justin Hawkins with a side order of Slash, sprinkled with a dash of Marc Bolan and a generous helping of Journey and you're only halfway to CJD. 

Their self titled album came out this year and I recommend you all go and buy it right now on iTunes. And while you're at it, have a listen here to their cover of Guns 'N' Roses Nightrain, coincidentally my favourite GnR song but CJD totally blew the original out of the water. 

In short, I can't express how much I love Crown Jewel Defense. This first album convinced me that I'll follow their work for as long as they're on the scene. Long may they reign.

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  1. Keep these posts coming! It's nice to have an insight into people's music taste & I just listened to Alive Again and IT'S SO GOOD OH MY GOODNESS.
    Thanks for bringing these into my life, got spotify open now tehe ><

    Char, x

  2. Ooh new music! ^_^ I agree, please post more of these! x

  3. These guys are amazing! I look forward to seeing more of these posts :)


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