Sunday, 3 November 2013

Deth and the Zombie's Halloween 2013

I dress up as a member of KISS a little too often, but Halloween's the only day I can be accepted for it.
Me and Mark didn't do much this Halloween - just stayed over his house eating pizza and watching scary movies. Believe me, The Strangers might not seem the scariest because of Liv Tyler, but I really wasn't expecting what it turned into.
Mark went as an undead Michael Jackson and I went as Gene Simmons, or as Mark put it, 'two iconic perverts'. Mark made an awesome eye patch to make it look like he lost an eye, that man is better with eyelash glue than I am! We spent a good hour getting ready to the tune of some classic KISS and Wacko Jacko before prancing around in our costumes for the hell of it, but it wasn't long before my platform heels started killing me and I returned to my normal midget height.
OOTDs clearly aren't my forte...
Mark really went all-out decorating the room and carving an awesome pumpkin - he even made me a little marzipan pumpkin because I'm a marzipan addict.
He's also the best pumpkin carver this side of Halloween Town.
Of course, we had to start a new Halloween tradition of watching Nightmare Before Christmas together - it's safe to say he knows the words miles better than I do.

Mark even bought me a Halloween bouquet, complete with witch's hat and glow in the dark flowers - I admit I didn't even know Halloween bouquets existed until now...

I'll always prefer a night in on Halloween than a massive fancy dress party - at least this way I can remember everything and I didn't wake up with a hangover!

What did you get up to this Halloween?

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  1. Halloween bouquet is such a cute idea!


  2. Heehee you guys look cool! :D My boyfriend and I went out for dinner and I wore the most Goth-ed up outfit of my life because it's the most socially-acceptable time of the year to do so. We also carved pumpkins (to the theme of Guild Wars 2 and a pumpkat) and watched TNBC for the second year running, so it's a pretty good tradition you've got going if I do say so myself. ^_^'


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